Join Women & Income

Position yourself to capitalize on the largest wealth transfer in history.

What type of advisors should join Women & Income? Advisors who understand that a powerful new business model is the key to growth. You should join if you are an advisor who:

  • Is driven by ambition to grow your business by a minimum of $5,000,000 to $10,000,000 annually
  • Understands the benefits of implementing a scalable solution tailored to a huge market opportunity
  • Wants a turnkey solution for new client acquisition
  • Wants to operate in a protected territory
  • Is good at presenting in-person and/or online seminars
  • Wants to work with women investors
  • Wishes to maximize the value of his/her practice for transfer or sale

Community and Mission

An opportunity to become part of something bigger than yourself.

Women & Income is a community of like-minded advisors who will strengthen each other through support from seasoned peers. Your current business model may have you working alone, and you may be quite successful already. But there is strength in numbers and real power that comes from having the support of a whole community. When a group of individuals is devoted to a noble mission, facing similar challenges, agreeing upon a common definition of success, motivated by proper incentives, including the potential for financial rewards, then every member of the community enjoys the greatest chance of achieving maximum success.

Exchanging your ideas with colleagues and collaborating with fellow advisors is a key to increasing productivity and professional satisfaction. Making meaningful connections with peers is also a way to hold yourself and others accountable. Gaining the encouragement of your peers offers tremendous rewards and keeps one motivated.

Our Mission

Our shared mission is to help American women enjoy financial security in retirement. This sounds straightforward but there’s a lot that goes into it.

Since 2011, when the first Boomers reached age 65, we’ve experienced an unprecedented, eleven- year bull market in equities. This, combined with near zero interest rates, has shifted the dynamics of retirees’investing decisions to embrace more risk, not less. With stocks seeming to only increase in value, advisors with true income planning skills know that lots (probably millions) of income planning “sins” have been committed by advisors using systematic withdrawal strategies that provide no protection against either Timing Risk or longevity risk. This has left many retirees exposed to financial dangers in ways that can devastate their retirement security. What happens to retirees with poorly constructed retirement portfolios when equity prices inevitably decline? What will be the impact on Boomer women’s nest eggs? Their levels of monthly income? And their capacity to have income that lasts?

In part, then, our mission is to educate. We must demonstrate that there is a superior way to generate monthly retirement income, one that better manages risks while also promoting a woman’s capacity to remain appropriately invested through all market conditions. Educating women on the many advantages of Hybrid Time-Segmentation© is a critical first step. This we will do in a variety of ways, but notably using digital tools for delivering education online.

Costs and initial actions:


one-time territorial reservation fee


per month subscription fee

First year financing available through Credit Key

Interest only for 12-months | 0% for 30-Days

  • Have an interview with Wealth2k to secure your acceptance
  • Pay the ongoing $2,000/month subscription fee
    (Financing available for annual pay)
  • Schedule your software and presentation training session with Jason Ray, CFP®, ChFC®, CLU, CRPC, CBBF
  • Schedule your two coaching sessions with Women & Income coach Marcia Mantell
Receive and benefit from:
  1. Work with Wealth2k to launch your marketing campaigns
  2. Schedule your online or in-person seminars
  3. Begin receiving 18 qualified leads every month - (attendees not names)
  4. Schedule client meetings
  5. Leverage the Women & Income public relations services to promote yourself